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Here are various photos of Bob and associates from a variety of sources.

Included are some candid shots, publicity shots, and the like.

Baby Redford at age 4.

Redford as an artist in high school.

Redford as a young tennis player

Redford at the time he was enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Art [AADA].

Redford with reporter Bob Woodward

Redford with gal pal

Redford sits for an interview with the NY Times

Redford on cover of Interview

Redford at time of Horse Whisperer

Bob circa 1997

Handsome Bob portrait

"Dreamy" Bob

Bob does a quick change backstage on Broadway

Bob clowns around with Jane Fonda and James Fox on the set of "The Chase."

Bob attends premiere with then-wife Lola

Redford guest-stars on "Perry Mason" with Raymond Burr

Bob looking relaxed and funky

Bob gives a lecture

Bob in the great outdoors

Bob looking spiffy in glasses