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Here are some photos of Bob in the movies


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

The movie that made Redford a superstar.

Inside Daisy Clover

Redford played bisexual actor Wade Lewis.

War Hunt

Redford's first motion picture role. He had a supporting role as a Korean War soldier. The actual star was John Saxon.

All the President's Men

Redford not only played Watergate reporter Bob Woodward in the film, he was instrumental in getting the film made, and even influenced the slant taken by the reporters in the book the film was based upon.

Spy Game

Robert teamed with Brad Pitt for this spy thriller. He had previously directed a younger Pitt in the film A River Runs Through It.

The Horse Whisperer

Redford did something few actors have the nerve to do: He directed himself in the big-screen adaptation of The Horse Whisperer.

TV: Moment of Fear

Redford played a sinister stranger in "The Golden Deed" episode of NBC's Moment of Fear in 1960.